I’ve returned from Gayasan refreshed, alive, and with a memory stick full of photos. But I’ll get to that later. For now, I want to post this so the dozen or so people who will stumble upon this blog today can have a look:

Someone said in a comments section somewhere that it would be a real shame and a missed opportunity if this guy doesn’t become president. That’s exactly how I feel. You don’t only vote for issues with a president, you vote for a person. He is so monumentally different from Clinton, and exhibits such wisdom and common sense, I really believe you’ll see a change in mindset in the United States.

“…bridge to nowhere…” That actually made me laugh.

Edit: I just realized I forgot to title this. So you get “Obamansense,” which is really dumb but I gotta run…


One Response to “Obamansense”

  1. The bridge to nowhere is in Alaska, I think.
    Richardson said not electing Obama would be a missed opportunity, for one, and I absolutely agree. He gives hope, something we’ve been missing for a long time.

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