Stirring the pot

I’ve been discovered. Last night I went out to do my regular Wednesday night jam session. While up on stage, I saw several of my present and past students come in. They all seemed very surprised to see me there.

I get to campus today and, sure enough, word had spread. One of the Korean professors said “I hear you played last night.” A student who was there came up and talked to me about my playing. And one who was not there said she wants to see me play.

I suppose this is all fine. But I like to keep my university life and personal life separate. It’s not easy here. Students are very curious about me anyway — the strange creature from another world — so when they find out something new, word spreads. They’re very sweet, and I get a kick out of them. But I’m not sure I want them coming around every Wednesday when I’m hanging out with friends at the bar.

In unrelated drumming news, I’m finally getting around to learning brushes. It’s not like sticks, not at all. It’s kind of like learning paradiddle coordination all over again. But this time I’m sweeping and tapping instead of hitting. I have trouble remembering where the One is. But it’s gotten better. My breakthrough was starting with a basic pattern and drilling that into my head. My starting hand position remains the same regardless of whichever motion I use. This way I’m always aware of the One and no longer get lost. The next step will be getting better with the left hand lift to do a dotted eighth note. Every time I lift my left hand, there’s a dropout. I understand the right hand has to keep the sweep in that situation, but I can’t quite get it down.

Practice, practice…


One Response to “Stirring the pot”

  1. It’s nice you’re still learning.

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