Ji Yeon

That was easily the most frustrating episode of Lost ever. I hated it. I loved it. The plot structure was great, but the writing was horrible. Yunjin Kim’s acting was fantastic, but there were some horribly forced scenes. This is the first time I’ve felt intentionally screwed over by the writers, and it has me a little worried. I hope they really do know what they’re doing.

It was great to see Jin and Sun again. I’ve missed them. And it’s fun for me to see Seoul and hear all of the Korean with subtitles. I must be learning the language more because I could recognize a lot of the phrases and structure. That was a first.

(As always, click only if you’re caught up)

I knew something was up with the flashback / flash forward thing, because the ajoshi said “In the year of the dragon…” I thought, wait, that can’t be right. When are we?

Did I miss something? Simply through calling Penny, Desmond’s condition is cured? That’s some constant.

Michael’s return — lame, obvious. Although I do like the idea someone else posed that “Michael” may actually be a grown up Walt.

Again, Yunjin Kim was absolutely brilliant. I almost lost it at the end. I knew when it was Hurley at the door that Jin was dead. Of course he’s not really dead though.

Edit: I’ve deleted much of what I wrote here. Lost is so freaking complex at this point… I can’t even keep up anymore.


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