How high is 3-high?

I wish I knew more about global economics. It fascinates me, especially how economies interweave and affect one another internationally. It’s like its own natural ecosystem, subject to changes in environment and behavior just like anything else in nature. I like it, I just don’t get it.

I read this article about how the Korean won is being affected by the dollar, and how the weakness of the U.S. economy is beginning to ripple over here. I think — I think — a high won to the dollar is good for me. When I send money to my bank in America, there’s a little more there due to the weak dollar. But if Korea is being dragged down by the U.S. market, that can’t be good in the long run, or even the short run. I’ve noticed that prices around here seem to be climbing, especially for food. Eating out is usually really cheap and I’d hate for that to change. Rising oil costs would be a concern. I wonder where Korea gets its oil? I rely on taxis so much; if I see the drop rate change from 1800 to 2000 or something, then I’ll start to worry.

Bah, it’s all a mystery to me. I was never very good at math.


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