The semester’s just started and I’m already thinking about summer plans. I will be in America for three weeks, but I also want to spend a couple weeks somewhere else. It’s going to be a long summer.

I was looking at a map of my greater vicinity and noticed that Russia’s up there, right above North Korea, and a ferry ride from Japan. How cool would it be to take a quick flight to Russia? Turns out the main city, Vladivostok, isn’t very exciting. So I’m already writing that one off.

The leading contenders now are Japan or a return to Europe. I’m actually considering France, of all places. I swore I’d never go there unless I was a fat old man. It just seems so cliché and…. easy. But the more I read about it, the more the landscape and atmosphere appeal to me. So I’d probably go there for a week and Spain for a week. Another option is Spain and Morocco. I’ve had that trip in mind forever. The only problem is I see that as more of a three-week trip.

At this point, Japan is more likely. It’s closer, and it’s a place I’d like to really explore while I’m on this side of the world.

The major determining factor will be cost. I’m going to talk to my travel agent, see what’s the better deal, and probably base my decisions on that.


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