Lost: ‘The Other Woman’

I’ve got a whacked out theory as to who the spy on the boat is.

The key line is “you’re going to want to sit down for this.” Who would blow Locke’s mind? How about Naomi? Locke did, after all, kill her.

I’ve noticed Harold Perrineau’s name in the credits lately. So Michael would be the obvious choice. But I don’t think Locke would need to take a seat for that news. I’m starting to think instead that Michael will be revealed as the last of the Oceanic 6.

I’ve been wrong about all my guesses though, so I don’t give much credence to my own theories. But I’m finding that as we get more and more big picture answers, I’ve been pretty right on about those aspects. I just suck when it comes to the details.

Edit (13 March): I’m an idiot. Ben clearly said “man on their boat.” Naomi’s not a man. The more Lost predictions I post, the more stupid I feel.


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