Bastards, all of ’em

I’m not usually one to get on a PC high horse, but I’ve been seeing the word “bitch” all over the internet lately and it’s starting to bug the fucking crap out of me.

If it isn’t coincidence, and I don’t think it is, this has to do with Hillary Clinton’s run for president. I’m one of those digg people, and every time there’s something dugg about Hillary, you find the word “bitch” there, repeatedly, nauseatingly ad nauseum. Now Bjork makes a political statement in Shanghai and, sure enough, three comments into this piece, she’s a bitch too.

I don’t know what that’s all about. Whatever the reason, people seem to find it permissible. And that’s the part that bugs me. There is no compunction on the part of those saying it, and I never seem to find a challenge from others who comment subsequently. If someone were to make a racial slur, people would be all over it. But somehow bitch, a word degrading to women, is okay.

It mirrors some of what’s been said about this election: We’re learning that the western world — by that I mostly mean America — is more sexist than it is racist. Both are wrong, but why does one get a pass and the other doesn’t?


2 Responses to “Bastards, all of ’em”

  1. emperorbananaketchup Says:

    Hey, we call our own president a “bitch” here…

    It’s a global thing.

  2. […] suddenly Mr. Tough Average Joe, talking about obliterating Iran and calling people elitists. A while back, I wrote that Obama’s popularity shows that America is more sexist than it is racist. Well, […]

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