When I was 25 or so, I had this fear that when I turned 30 I’d run out of music to listen to. That hasn’t happened, and I’m well past 30.

Just when I think I’m in danger of a getting into a rut, I find new things. I was going through an introspective, indie-ish, acoustic singer-songwriter thing for the past year or so (still am to some degree). My new thing is something I can’t quite describe, so I’ll name some bands instead: Hammock, Explosions In The Sky, God Is An Astronaut, Sigur Ros, This Will Destroy You, etc. What do you call that? I’ve been seeing it lumped into the “post-rock” genre, but I don’t hear it. Post-rock is more shifting and varied, with styles and moods borrowed from many genres and crafted into interesting compositions. I’ve also seen it compared to shoegazer music. It’s close, but not as poppy. Space rock? No, that’s not right either. Emo? I still don’t know what the hell that is and I don’t really care to.

I’m going to call it by my own name: Spacegazer music. It’s got qualities of shoegazer, but thematically, it seems to be looking into the heavens rather than down at the floor.

Here are a few juicy tidbits. First, my favorite song in the world right now:

God Is An Astronaut (he is, you know…):

Sigur Ros isn’t my favorite band in the world. Sometimes the singer gets to be a bit much, and his melodies have a kind of sameness to them. But I absolutely love this song:


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  1. Great minds and all that!

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