I admit it. I was one of those 600,000 people who went on YouTube to see video of NHL player Richard Zednik getting his throat cut. Like probably half of those trolling around, I remember seeing the Clint Malarchuck video and was expecting something similar.

The Malarchuck video is gruesome. I just saw it again and it’s actually giving me a stomach ache. I won’t embed it here. If you want to see it, you’ll have no trouble finding it. While Zednik’s injury is similar, the video is not, at least the versions I’ve seen. I’m sure there are angles that could be shown, but unless someone steals a tape from the studio, I don’t think we’ll see it.

But what the hell is up with Buffalo? Both incidents happened in the same city. Freaky.

I just hope hockey doesn’t change because of this. It’s a tough game played by tough guys who come from tough parts of the world. That’s the game, and sometimes weird shit just happens. Thankfully, Zednik seems okay, so that’s great news.

EDIT: Well, I stand corrected. Leave it to French language TV to not only hold on the shot where the blood comes pouring out of his neck, but not censor the player who says to the reporter: “What kind of fucking question is that?”

I’ll go ahead and embed this. It’s still not as graphic as the Malarchuck footage, but damn, amazing how the blood just instantly comes gushing out like that…

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