Europe in 9:19

Here’s a video montage of my trip to Europe. These aren’t necessarily the standout moments, but rather times when I realized “oh yeah, my camera does video too.”

This took a freakishly long time to produce and upload. I’m not sure the pixellated, muted view of Europe does the place justice. But the work is done, might as well share…

Christmas market in Bochum, Germany.
Brass band playing “New York, New York” in Aachen, Germany
Kurdish protest march in Aachen, Germany
The coolest merry-go-round ever in Brussels, Belgium
Some sort of inflatable monster in Brussels
The lift to the castle in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Lake Bled, Slovenia
Bread and meat on New Years Eve in Ljubljana
A park in Olomouc, Czech Republic
Team Olomouc struggles on the power play
Walking through the Old Royal Palace in Prague, Czech Republic
The view from Prague Castle
The metronome at Letenske Sady in Prague
Views of Prague
Animation inside the Kafka Museum in Prague
Making a new friend in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
Views of Cesky Krumlov
Views of the Alps from the fortress in Salzburg, Austria
Music in the bierhalle in Munich, Germany


2 Responses to “Europe in 9:19”

  1. Wonderful. Salzburg must be at a high altitude. Is that the Danube River?

  2. Which river? In Salzburg it’s the Salzach, but it’s on the other side; you can’t see it in that shot.
    The river in the Prague and Krumlov shots is the Vltava.

    I think Salzburg is about 500 meters up. Not too high, but I felt the difference.

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