Oceanic Six (addendum)

I’m amending my previous prediction about the Oceanic Six. I had a dream last night — yes, I know that’s pathetic — that Kate isn’t actually one of the Six. The only ones we really know about are Jack and Hurley, the ones who have stated in dialog that they are. I believe that Kate is in hiding, and is thought by the real world to have died in the original crash. And of course, that’s the big lie that the Six have to tell: that everyone else died.

She’s in hiding because she’s a fugitive. This may also explain why Jack said “wait don’t hang up” and why she said “I have to get back.” And maybe she’s hiding with another fugitive, Sawyer. So maybe eight got off the island, but the Six are the public lie.

So that would leave four, and it changes my formula. … Tempting, but no. I’m going to stop guessing who they are.


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