The Oceanic Six

Lost is the perfect show for the online world. People watch it, then they rush to the web forums to talk about what the hell is going on. A lot of people seemed to be disappointed in the season opener, but I thought it was great. I continue to be impressed and amazed by how the writers are able to give real answers while also sustaining the mystery. They also gave us a new big question to ponder: Who are the Oceanic Six?

We know three of them: Jack, Kate, and Hurley. Who, then, are the other three?

The likely candidates are those who are either ideologically aligned with Jack, have a real need to get off the island, or already fit the puzzle as we know it. Some of the obvious choices: Sawyer, Walt, Michael, Sun, Jin, Claire, Julia and Desmond.

But if there’s one thing we know about this show it’s that it loves to throw us curveballs. I think this season is going to lead up to a finale that reveals who the six are. And I think we have a lot of plot development and character soul searching to go before we get to that point.

I believe one of those curveballs will be that Ben is the fourth. I think this because I think he’s the one in that coffin. This is all part of Jack’s guilt; the story there will be that Ben was right all along, although for very wrong reasons. This is part of Jack’s descent into alcoholism and self-doubt. My vote for fifth is Claire, simply because she’s Jack’s sister, Charlie’s dead, and I think her “island” story is pretty much done.

So who’s the sixth? Sawyer’s too obvious; that’s another clever offspeed pitch being thrown at us. Kate’s comment in flash-forward could be about anyone (reuniting with her estranged father?). I think we need someone whose “off-island” story isn’t done and who could fill up a full season of flash-forwards.

Hmmm… I don’t know… I want to say Walt or Michael, especially Walt. But the actor has aged too much. (I wonder how they’re going to resolve that little story problem.) Desmond’s another good bet because I think Penny’s father has some stake in the island. But I also think that’s a reason for him to stay.

I’m gonna say Juliet. I think we need some off-island romantic tension. I think it will be Jack beginning a new life with Juliet, but eventually realizing he wants to be with Kate.

So: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Ben, Claire, and Juliet.

Bah, whatever. We’re only halfway through the novel and there are a lot of pages to go.


3 Responses to “The Oceanic Six”

  1. […] 4, 2008 I’m amending my previous prediction about the Oceanic Six. I had a dream last night — yes, I know that’s pathetic — that Kate […]

  2. the oceanic six are people ON flight 815 you dope.. so des, juliet, ben, are all out of the question

  3. Settle down now… no need for namecalling.

    But I suppose you’re right. Maybe.

    “Oceanic Six” could mean anything. We don’t know yet. I still say Kate isn’t one of the six, but I’ve been wrong about almost every prediction, so I’m probably off here as well.

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