Traveling without moving

I feel as though I’m still traveling. Except, of course, that I have a purpose again. By that I mean that I have a world that sits still and a pattern that recycles it everyday. At the same time, the feeling of being a foreigner in a foreign land hasn’t left. The culture still surprises me on a daily basis. And that depression that I usually get after coming home from a long journey never happened. Maybe it’s because in a sense, I am still traveling; I’m just not moving.

It’s been interesting reconnecting with Busan, with this immobile world of mine. Aside from my job, my rock of stability is the friendships that I have here. It’s a… well, forgive the adjective choice, but a very pancreatic* thing here. Some of them have gone away; it happens every six months or so. At the same time, there are others have gotten stronger since I’ve returned. And in a mere 10 or so days of being back, I’ve already widened that world and met some interesting new people. One of the things I love about Korea is the feeling of infinite possibility you get when you meet certain Koreans. You make a connection and suddenly you’re off on a new avenue of experience. That’s because, if you have a sort of traveler’s mindset while living here, you’re always looking to penetrate deeper into the Koreanness of Korea. We don’t get very much access, so when a door opens it’s exciting.

My band is fucking great, by the way. We had a bit of drama upon my return, and I actually quit. But they came to my defense and wouldn’t let me leave. Damned good people, every one of them.

*For the life of me I can’t think of another way of saying this. On the cellular level, you actually wake up with a new pancreas every day. At the same time, the pancreas doesn’t change and doesn’t move but remains the same.


One Response to “Traveling without moving”

  1. Constant renewal? Like your new skin every 7 years, yet it’s still the same skin? You keep sending me to the dictionary. But that’s a good thing.

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