Travel observation 3: women

I went to six countries in all: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Austria. By far, the prettiest girls from that bunch live in the Czech Republic. It’s one of several areas where I think the Czechs have a distinct advantage over their former Slovak partners.

Here’s the pattern that I loved: jet black hair, beautiful pale grey or hazel eyes, gobs of black eye makeup, and a confident presence. Usually, I’m not a big fan of makeup, but it was something about the contrast of black hair/makeup with pale eyes that got to me. Sure, the hair color may be fake and Czech women aren’t the most approachable in the world, but the aesthetic still worked for me.

The problem with Czech women is that they’re too tall. Someone told me it’s because of all the hormones in the milk. Whatever the cause, I’m more fond of short women. But they’re still nice to look at.


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