Poor Katie

OK, I really shouldn’t be posting about — let alone reading about — Tom Cruise, but I’ve got time to kill and free wifi while waiting for my train to Stuttgart. This bit in the Washington Post made me laugh…

In the video, still posted yesterday on Gawker, The Tom is wearing a black turtleneck and talking to an interviewer just off camera — for nine minutes! — about how he wants to help and how he’s met with “leaders” all over the world and how they want his help, and how Scientology is “wild and woolly” and how he doesn’t like people sitting on the sidelines of life, and how he’s “canceled that in my area.” And he keeps laughing really LOUD and it really doesn’t make any sense and he keeps showing all his teeth and barely blinking and I got really scared but I watched the whole thing even if I didn’t want to, and now I can’t sleep without the light on.

I guess Tom is the new Michael Jackson, a human being morphing into a freak of nature while cameras capture the whole process.

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