I’m drunk. Not really drunk drunk, but nicely floating.

I’ve been avoiding organized tours all trip, but I finally gave in this time. I simply didn’t have any Munich plans today, since I did everything (kind of) that I planned yesterday. In retrospect I should have left for Stuttgart today, but that’s another, highly unexciting, story.

So I did the walking tour. Most of the knowledge I gained was about beer, Hitler, and more beer. Beer is everything in Bavaria, thanks to the monks, who drank it while fasting. The pope let them do it because he tasted some rotten beer once and figured it was good for their suffering.

As part of the tour, our guide said to avoid the highly touristy, yet highly Hitlerific Hoffbraü House and instead go to the Augustiner. So at the conclusion of the tour at about 3 pm, I did just that. I sat in the Bierhalle and had some marvelously satisfying dunkelbiers and weißbiers. Now it’s around 6 pm and I don’t know what else to do with myself.

I leave tomorrow to see my friend’s exhibit in Stuttgart, and to catch up and festivate and say final goodbyes. I don’t have a hotel for the final night. I thought I could stay with him, but apparently his room is a box. So I may just stay up drinking all night and head straight for the airport for my early AM flight.


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