Hear me now and listen to me later

After my bashing of Vienna — a sentiment, incidentally, echoed by several people I’ve met on this trip — I was prepared to write off Austria altogether. But Salzburg has reinvigorated my faith. Rather than simply coasting into the home stretch, here I am enjoying yet another fantastic city. I’ve been blessed by my choices on this trip for the most part. I think I done did well.

I hiked up to the castle/fortress today with a Dutch fellow I met. It’s an impressive complex, with epic views of the Alps. We also met up with a Brazilian girl I’d met in Cesky Krumlov. The three of us spent a good four hours or so up there, soaking it all in. We then hoofed it back down to the old town and wandered around, got cappuccinos and visited the big church (Dom).

It’s a shame I can’t stay an extra day, because I did about half of what I wanted to. But I’m off to München in the mornin, where I’m sure there will be much beer drinking and sausage eating.

The weather lately has been almost too good. While it’s still bitter cold at night, It’s been hovering around 3 to 5 C, with no precipitation. I kinda wish it was colder and snowing more often. But I can’t complain about fair weather. All things considered — including my lack of a rain jacket — I’ll take it.


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