Prague rock – greatest hits

I’ve resisted that pun as a headline for the longest time, but I can no longer contain myself. I apologize. These are some of my favorite remaining images from Prague (the last two days). I’m not done telling stories about that place, but this is probably the last of the images.

The cemetery at Vysehrad…

The awesome Jewish Quarter, which is filled with ambiance, both in daytime and nighttime…

A beggar on the Charles Bridge at night. I gave him some money after taking this…

Cechuv Most, the bridge just to the north of Charles Bridge…

The view from Letenske Sady, on the other side of the Vltava River…

Self portrait, Kafka Museum…

On my last night in Prague, I decided to walk back up to the castle and have a last look. In the quiet of night, with barely any others present, I was able to sit and really admire what a feat of architecture the St. Vitus Cathedral is. Normally when you visit a famous place, you have to deal with the clutter and “noise” of surrounding tourists, which always taints the sense of personal attachment. This night, I sat on a bench, motionless, for about 45 minutes, staring at the exquisite detail of this church. It really was like seeing it for the first time. But more than that, I was able to fully absorb the effect that complete devotion has on the artistic process. This photo doesn’t do that experience justice, but it’s a documentation of what was one of my best moments in Prague…


2 Responses to “Prague rock – greatest hits”

  1. Nice. You got some talent, but also some balls – your picture of the kneeling beggar from Charles Bridge is probably the only one I have seen on the Internet in my life.

    Kneeling beggars are Prague specific feature, no one talks about, and no one takes pictures of. Maybe we are shy? Conservative? Too posh to mention? Afraid? At least you are not.

  2. Thanks. :) More patience than bravery maybe, and sneakiness.

    The bridge was already pretty thin of people at that point, and I thought it was a good opportunity. So I set up the camera on the ledge and pretended to look out at the castle. Then when the time was right, I moved the camera around and took a quick shot. It took a few tries to get this one here.

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