Certainty principle

It’s a momentous moment (can I really say that?). I’ve just booked all my future stays through the end of the trip. Everything’s set in stone. It’s a bit sad, actually. There is no more uncertainty about future destinations. I know where I’ll be every day until the end of the trip.

January 15-17 in Salzburg, 17-19 in Munich, and 19-21 in Stuttgart.

Yet to be determined is whether I can make it to Dachau to see Iron & Wine play, and whether I can take a side trip to Heidelberg.


3 Responses to “Certainty principle”

  1. You probably can’t say it, but you did, didn’t you?
    I hope you’re going to be busy in Busan, because you’re going to miss all this travel. Be safe.

  2. I’ve been to Dachau. Do you plan to visit the concentration camp there? They have a good museum, but it’s quite disturbing.

    I’ve also been to Munich. Learn a few German words, if you can. I seem to recall being a bit snubbed for not knowing the language. But that was a very long time ago.

    Actually, I’ve been to Salzburg too. Sound of Music House and everything Mozart. I remember there being a castle on a hill near downtown that was a pretty good hike and a nice view when you got to the top.

    Have a great time, and drink a toast to us in Munich!

  3. I hope to visit the camp there. I’ve heard conflicting reports… some saying that it’s closed for the winter, but others saying it’s still open.

    I know some German. It’s helping me in Austria, although here they seem more willing to speak in English than Germany is.

    Salzburg is fantastic. I went up to the castle today and the view was breathtaking. Very expensive here, though! Probably best I’m only here two nights.

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