I have to stop reading Kafka. I thought it would be the appropriate literary ambiance, but it’s doing something to my head, and putting me in a weird space. I’m going back to Tolkien. Kafka can wait.

The Prague leg of this trip is coming to close, and the timing is right. One full week. I’ve seen most everything I wanted to and a lot that I didn’t know existed. I’ve learned some interesting things through sites and conversations, met some cool people, drank plenty of great beer (and a bit of faux absinthe), traveled down some strange and dark lines of thinking, and experienced some moments of pure beauty. The sponge is full.

I’m not sure where to go after that little paragraph. There’s too much I could write about, but I can’t decide on a particular topic and I’m not sure what I’m willing to share. I find that every time I leave Korea for an extended period of time my brain’s peripheral boundaries widen in strange and occasionally unsettling ways. Maybe I really am becoming Korean — its homogeneity is a shell where things make sense. Maybe it’s being away from a routine, and the scattershot world of continual unfamiliarity is throwing my mind into overdrive. Or maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe I’ve been in Prague too long and the experience is on the verge of becoming too familiar.

In any case, I’m looking forward to the next destination: Cesky Krumlov. By all reports it’s something of a fairly tale town, the perfect place to squeeze the sponge before once again invading Austria.


3 Responses to “Squish”

  1. I do think you’re maybe becoming a little bit Korean. You were excited enough to post a picture of Kimchee, but I don’t see anything American in any of your photos.

    How much longer are you traveling?

  2. Kafka is a masochist. Of course he’s depressing. Did you see his teeny-tiny house?

  3. I didn’t see his house, but I went to the very cool museum.

    LC… got about 9 days left, then it’s back to the ROK.

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