Praha ha ha

I’ve settled into my pattern. I get up in the morning, go exploring, come back to the hostel around 7 pm, then go out again at night. So I’m now in that in-between phase. A good opportunity to post some pictures. Unfortunately they’re fairly touristy, but that’s what tourists do. Thoughts/impressions/etc to come later hopefully, because I have many…

Charles Bridge at sunset:

Prague Castle at night, from across from Vltava River:

Inside St. Vitus Cathedral:

A ceiling in St. George’s Basilica (I think):

Prague Kimchee!

Hradčany area at night:


3 Responses to “Praha ha ha”

  1. What’s that river? I thought it was something else. When we went to Prague, we took a walking tour (touristy, I know). But they didn’t have an English guide that day, so we went with a French group (and we don’t speak French). We walked many blocks and didn’t understand a thing, and then she pointed towards Wensenslaus Square and disappeared. It took us a long time to find our way back.

  2. Oops… I spelled the river wrong. Vltava.

    I’ve heard the walking tours are good, but I haven’t done one. For me it’s pretty much been Lonely Planet, Wiki Travel, word of mouth, and plenty of serendipity.

    I was in Wensenslaus Square yesterday. I carry a map around with me, so I don’t get lost.

  3. Settled into your pattern? You totally sound like your father.

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