News from afar

I am twice removed from reality.

Traveling tends to slow time way down. I now feel as if I’ve been in Europe for months rather than weeks. Korea, where I currently live, seems like a distant memory. This leaves the USA, my nationality, even further away than that.

Sitting here waiting to change hostels, I was reading up on some Korean news. One of the interesting things about living in Korea is that its identity is yet to be, what’s the right word… actualized. While I don’t think about it much, the country is divided by a lingering old-school battle between Democracy and dictatorial Communism. At some point, reunification between its north and south parts will happen. I think most of us assume it will come in an eventual absorption of the north back into the democratic south, and not in all-out war.

But I didn’t even consider China, which is why I found this article and discussion interesting. Even if the change does not arise from war between the north and the south, if China decides they, in some form, “want” the north, things could get very messy. History has a tendency toward the ironic. Could it be that a peaceful changeover is what leads to disaster? Not to be alarmist, but could the next great war arise from China and the US fighting once again over this little peninsula?


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