Happy new year from Vienna. I didn’t intend to make this a destination, but there was a sweet train ticket offer for 30 Euro from Ljubljana, so I couldn’t pass it up. Tomorrow I go to Bratislava. I’ve only got 90 minutes or so of daylight, so if I’m going to see any of the city center, I’d better skedaddle now.

But here are a few pictures:

One of the dragons on Ljubljana’s Dragon Bridge…

Ljubljana main square at night…

The wonderful Bled, Slovenia…

That will have to do for now. There are, of course, other pictures there in that Flickr thingy to the right. I’ll try to post a real update soon, with text and everything. But I’m finding that wireless access is not as omnipresent as I’d hoped.


2 Responses to “Vienna”

  1. Wow. How beautiful. Is Bled a city or the name of those mountains?

  2. It is very beautiful. I loved it there. Bled is the town and Lake Bled is the…. erm, lake. :)

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