Looks like it’s New Years Eve in Ljubljana.

I’d never even come across that word before a couple days ago, and I’m still not quite sure how to pronounce it. The change in plans came in a roundabout sort of way. I was looking for flights from Brussels to Prague and was having a hell of a time finding a decent price. But there was a flight from Brussels to this strange sounding city that starts with an “L” via Wizz Air. So I did some research and it seems really cool.

As a result, my itinerary has reversed itself. I’ll be heading North after Ljubljana — through Salzburg (with maybe a side trip to Munich), to Prague for a full week, then back to Germany along the Western border (including Manheim/Heidelberg and Strasbourg in France).

What really sold me on Ljubljana: dragons. Apparently there are dragons everywhere. Cool.

(Photo: ©


3 Responses to “Lube-whata?”

  1. Where is it? What country?

  2. I think I’d stay away from the horse burgers.

  3. Ljubljana is in Slovenia. I’m having a hell of a time booking a decent place for New Years.

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