The plan so far

I’m still in the process of accumulating information for my trip. I think I’ve made a pretty good sketch of what I want to see and what my plan will be. The only thing is to decide how to move about to get from place to place. Right now I’m leaning toward trains rather than flights, although I may book one from Brussels to Prague, since that’s the sure thing.

Basically, it’s looking something like this:
Dortmund to Brussels
Christmas in Brussels, with about a 5 day stay
Fly Brussels to Prague. Stay in Prague for a week, including New Years Eve.

At this point, I have about two weeks to find my way to Stuttgart for my flight back to Busan. So I’m thinking:
Cesky Krumlov in southern Czech Republic
Bratislava in Slovakia
Maybe a day or two in Vienna
Train to Salzburg Austria
Spend a bit of time in Bavaria
Make my way to Stuttgart

Before the Stuttgart conference I’d like to do some day trips to some interesting-looking towns that lie along the German border: Strasbourg, France… Basel, Switzerland… and Freiberg, Germany and the Black Forest… If something has to go in all that, it would probably be Bratislava and Vienna. Slovakia is my ancestry, so it would be a shame to skip it, but it’s not really on the way. I don’t know though, everything’s pretty close together. We’ll see.

Flickr kinda sucks for photos like this, but I love maps. So, if you can read fine print, here’s the plan laid out geographically:

Hmmm… well that photo’s pretty much useless. Ah well.


3 Responses to “The plan so far”

  1. Wonderful! I loved Vienna, Prague and Bratislava, but you’ve been to Vienna, right? Prague is historic, and Bratislava is, well, very Eastern European. Women in bubushkas, tall church spires and open plazas. Hope you like cabbage. Lots of chocolate, too.

  2. I’ve been to Salzburg. You could drive by the Sound of Music House, which seems to be a big thing there. They have a really cool downtown area and I seem to remember touring a castle on a hill.

    I’ve also driven by the Black Forest.

    Have a great time!

  3. I’ve never been to Vienna. I think I would only go to pass through to Bratislava.

    It’s funny reading about Salzburg and finding tons of references to Sound of Music. Really, I’m just interested in the city.

    The overall plan may be changing though. I’ll post an update soon.

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