Zipping and zooming

I’m caught up on grading. That was the biggest stressball. Now I’m on to the fun part of the to-do list: planning my trip. I know four facts:

1. I have a conference in Bochum and a flight to get me (near) there on 16 December.
2. I will visit my cousin in Brussels for a few days over Christmas.
3. I’m meeting a good friend for a video exhibition in Stuttgart in mid-January, and I have a flight that leaves 21 January.
4. I really, really want to spend some time, preferably including New Years, in Prague.

The rest is a mystery. So I’m zipping through thorntrees, checking winter accommodation prices, trying to decide between Eurorail or flying, reading descriptions of this cool city and that cool city, zooming in on Google maps. What the hell, I’ll just post stream-of-consciousness thoughts here while websurfing:

Here are some things that I’ve found so far…

There’s a Germany + Czech Republic Eurail pass that sounds good to me. It’s $325 for 6 trips. I guess that’s not too much money. I’d actually prefer train over flying I think. That way I get to see some countryside.

The whole Southwestern part of Germany looks interesting, partly because of the Black Forest and partly because there are some interesting looking cities in neighboring countries, such as Strasbourg in France and Basel in Switzerland. Maybe before heading to Stuttgart I can just hug this whole western line. I’m also a bit of a WWII geek, so there might be some interesting history to soak in there.

Bavaria also looks cool, particularly Füssen.

A friend of mine here just turned me on to the Travelers’ Hostel, which looks like a great option in the Czech Republic. The seventh night is free, and I’ve been told I can find plenty of entertainment in Prague to fill eight days.

This looks like a good Czech Republic website.

Hmm… and that’ll have to do for now. I’m off to a dinner thing. I think I have a good sense of what I’d like to do now, so tomorrow it will be on to logistics (among a host of other things).


One Response to “Zipping and zooming”

  1. Cedok is the Czechoslovakian government travel agency (or it was under Communism). You will enjoy the train – Czechoslovakia looks a lot like the American Midwest. But we had trouble knowing where to get off. Prague is spelled Praha there.

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