Baby baby baby baby oh baby

I have a lot I should be doing. But I’m drained from last night’s gig. It was not a good one. In fact, there was a death on stage. An $8,000 upright bass fell over and shattered against a guitar amp. That’s all I want to say about that, because I’m still a little shell-shocked by the sight of it.

So I’m spending the day writing emails and surfing YouTube for videos. I watched George Carlin rant about cats and religion, and then I went out in search of awesome female singers. I don’t think anything in the history of rock and roll comes close to Ann Wilson singing “Barracuda.” I’ve tried to get girl singers in bands I’ve been in to do this song and every one has pretty much responded “no fucking way.”

And then there’s Karen Carpenter. I’m sure it’s partly nostalgia. One of my earliest memories of life on this planet was hearing “Top of the World” driving through the Sierra Nevada. She’s just a damned fine singer. “Superstar” is probably my favorite. Way back when in my college cover band days, I used to dig hearing Greg Camp (Smashmouth) sing this with his band.

People also forget she was a drummer. She kicks my ass, that’s for sure.


2 Responses to “Baby baby baby baby oh baby”

  1. I don’t really think Karen Carpenter has anything on you as a drummer, but do you realize what song she’s playing? It’s a Gershwin tune called “Strike Up the Band” that I sang in CRC when I was twelve. Too funny.

  2. I didn’t know that. I should. (shame)

    Trust me, she kicks my ass.

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