All of a sudden, there seems to be an explosion of female taxi drivers in Busan. The first six months I was here I had one. I remember it because it surprised me. In the past two months I’ve had, I think, five.

Not sure what that’s all about, but something in me finds it kinda hot. You know, independent, brave woman striking out on her own in a man’s world. I keep wanting to ask what the story is, but of course I don’t speak Korean.

I know this: Their cabs are cleaner, and less stinky. And they’re more polite and better drivers. The men are usually pretty cool too, but I’ve had the whole run of emotions with male taxi drivers here. No woman’s ever given me grief.


2 Responses to “Tak-she!”

  1. hey try and put in a snap shot in there
    like to see them too

  2. I’ll try. :)

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