Gig 2.0

My band played its second gig this Saturday. This time we played a place called Starface in Dalmaji. This is a hill in Busan that apparently has a lovely view and is home to many foreigners. I could confirm neither as I got there at night and, well, I didn’t enter anyone’s apartment.

But the club was great. It had a relaxed vibe similar to a place you might find in Woodside, CA or Portland, OR. Very rustic, all wood — a rarity in the vertical concrete jungle that is Busan — deep, sunken couches and chairs, and mellow lighting. The place was packed to the gills (whatever that means), with about a 50/50 foreigner/Korean ratio.

When I got there, I found that the kit’s snare drum was destroyed. My bassist, bless his soul, rushed to another club to get a replacement. One of the nice things about playing music here is that every club has its own kit. But the quality varies radically, so I’ll never know in advance what I’ll get. This experience made me miss my trusty emerald Premiere Genista or cherry red Yamaha Hip Gig (or one of the 8 or so snares I own) now sitting in a storage locker in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley.

Anyway… it was a good night. The guys in this band continue to rise above expectations. And I mean that only because rehearsals seem so dysfunctional. But when we finally get on stage, there is much ass-kicking and a high level of intuitive musicianship.

My friends and I finally stumbled out of the club around 2:30. We decided we needed to have a food experience we hadn’t had yet. So a friend, who is Korean, took us way out to some beach where they specialize in barbecued eel (freshly killed and still writhing on the grill). It’s an outdoor kind of joint, where you sit in plastic, translucent tents perched right on the rocks. Truth is, I had no idea where I was.

We finished up at around 4 am, but we weren’t done. Something about the soju and maekju coursing through our systems, I suppose. So we went in search of an open nuri bang. We finally found one in Haeundae. We got silly on Madonna, The Doors, Jamiroquai, and Radiohead and finally left around 5:30. We walked down Haeundae Beach as the morning sun started to make its presence felt on the horizon. I’ve seen about six sunrises since I’ve been here and it’s always interesting to make my way home as the morning joggers begin their day.

I wish I had photos. I do actually, but I haven’t downloaded them yet. Maybe I’ll post them another time.


3 Responses to “Gig 2.0”

  1. Did you have to describe the live eels?

  2. Do you still have a job?

  3. Yes, I did.

    Yes, sometimes. :)

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