Still in Starbucks. This couple next to me are not speaking to each other… or looking at each other for that matter. Both are staring down at the table in total silence. This is awkward. I guess they’re fighting. Or breaking up. If they were alone, they’d be yelling at each other right now.

Yep, been there, done that. Good fun.


3 Responses to “Endings?”

  1. Were they an older couple? I see that all the time. Or the man will be reading a newspaper, and the woman will be sitting there fuming.

  2. I read today that Starbuck’s is starting a new national ad campaign because their business is down 1%. That translates into millions (or billions, I’m not sure) for them. The golden arches are horning in on “their” territory. They claim they created a great business model and are now being copied. They also say part of their problem has to do with high gas prices and the crumbling of the housing market – the two excuses for every business decline these days. They’re instructing their stores to serve fewer types of drinks.

    You know, I thought I read this in our own paper, but looking online I don’t see it.

  3. No, it was a younger couple. I really felt for them.

    So the big fish that’s been eating up all the tiny fish is now being eaten by the biggest fish of all? There’s some poetry in there.

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