Turn, turn, um… turn

The air’s thinner, more clear, and there’s a nice chill that now greets me every morning.

This is something I’ll only get to experience once — how the seasons change here. Next year I’ll know what to expect because I will have been through it by then. But this is my first shift into autumn in Busan. In maybe a month and a half or so I’ll get to know winter.

In San Francisco, we don’t get much seasonal change. It various too much from week to week. I remember the summer I spent writing my thesis; I rarely left my foggy neighborhood and wore my fleece jacket every time I went out for my regular walks. (Note to anyone who has to work on a long document with no deadline: take long walks every day. You’ll need the exercise, you’ll briefly escape the inevitable myopic obsessive/compulsive tendencies, and you’ll be able to get some distance and reflect on whatever story you’re trying to tell.)

You may notice that I’ve started password-protected posts. While I find such moves blatantly rude to readers I don’t know, I also recognize that I’m publishing directly into that unknown aether. In addition to hopefully giving people a glimpse into life here, this space is also a personal diary to family and friends. There are things — mostly uninteresting I should add — that I wish to reserve for them alone. If you know me and want to read, send me an email and I’ll give you the password.


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