My ears are still ringing

The weekend is winding down, which means I’m emailing my print needs to my assistant for Monday morning class. Somewhere on campus the Scorps just started rocking and rolling. I decided to pass.

But I did some of my own rocking and rolling on Friday. My new band played it’s first gig. I think we were all a little nervous/uncertain/whatever ahead of time, but it turned out to be a pretty kick-ass show. We had a good crowd and people seemed to enjoy it. I had a blast. It’s been a couple months since I’ve done an actual gig, and even longer (much longer) that I’ve done a first gig with a new band. But I fell right into a groove and I could feel the band doing the same.

Last night Busan was full of Halloween parties. I could have gone to the farther reaches of Middle Earth and made my way to PNU or Haeundae, but my little fellowship of revelers was meeting a friend in KyungSung Dae, so we stayed in The Shire. I don’t think Koreans get the concept of Halloween (yet?). So as a Zombie Medical Technician, Alien Princess (me), Yogurt Kimchee girl, and Toxic Waste Specialist walked down the street, we got some weird stares. But once we went into Ol’55 and Vinyl Underground, we found all the other waygooks dressed just as freaky as we were.

We danced until about 2 am, at which point I gave up and headed for home. I needed the sleep. Wish I had pictures of that night, but I’d forgotten my camera. So here’s a rasta-mannequin-head on a tripod:


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