So why are you blogging then?

I’m coming to the conclusion that I spend too much time having fun. I have ample free time and I’m spending it enjoying myself. I need to do more work. We’ve just finished midterms, and the semester always has a way of zipping by in a flash. And there are things I must do before I leave on Dec. 16. So, here is a completely self-serving to do list:

1. Read. Things I must read before mid-December:
The Order of Things by Michel Foucault
Orality and Literature: The Technologizing of the Word by Walter Ong (reading now, about 50 pages in; I like it.)
Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man by Marshall McLuhan (a gaping chasm in my ‘to-read’ list that must be remedied.)
Audio-vision by Michel Chion (I’ve read it once, then many times later in chunks; I need to go cover to cover again.)

2. Write. I’m presenting part of my thesis in less than two months; I haven’t so much as glanced at my thesis in two years. I need to craft it into a presentation.

3. Write more. I’m supposed to create an departmental “text book” for next semester. This needs to be done before I leave so it can be printed. It should be about 75 pages or so. I’ve written about 6.

When I write blog posts like this, it’s usually driven by some sort of panic. So I guess I’m panicking a bit right now. There’s also a heaping dollop of guilt about living the life of a total hedonist. Time moves so quickly. Time to get serious.


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