So long PIFF

Some final images of PIFF. First, a wonderfully named production design corporation (Haeundae visitors center):

A TV screen on a mobile ATM trailer. I know, none of those words go together:

The side of a bus outside the Haeundae outdoor theater:

Inside the outdoor theater for The Piano Forest. And this is only one section of the audience:

This has to be the best bass player in Busan. I’ve seen her play before and met her once. She’s about four and a half feet tall but has total command over that bass. She seriously is quite a talent. One of these days we will play together. This was taken at Nampo-dong:

Busan, and all of Korea in fact, is filled with images of happy animals about to be eaten. This pig is sitting in a soup and seems to be thoroughly enjoying his fate:

So long PIFF. It’s been fun getting to know ya. If all goes well, maybe we’ll do it again next year:

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