Virtual insanity

I am phoneable, emailable, textable, pingable, and pokable.
I am Skypeable and Facebookable.
I am Flickerated.
I have four email accounts and one personal website.
I blog.
I Youtube other people. Not only that, there are others who Youtube me.
And there are also some who blog me.

I have at least four different online identities.
I belong to three Yahoo groups and one Google group.
I participate in at least three online forums on a regular basis.
I have personal and professional relationships with people I’ve never met in my life.

I have a MacBook, an iMac, two G5s, and one PC.
I have five monitor screens.
I have a cell phone number that starts with the digits 010.
I use two offices.
I have two office phones that I never use.
I live in one apartment that isn’t mine. It has a doorbell that plays Beethoven.

If you see me in person, please say hello. I’ll do the same.


3 Responses to “Virtual insanity”

  1. I am an old lady. I have a telephone number.

  2. And internet access, it seems! :)

  3. I have no cell phone, therefore I’m out of touch. Just the way I like it.

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