Scenes from films

Even though I have yet to see a movie from the 12th Annual Pusan International Film Festival, I did manage to attend the 4th Annual Busan International Video Festival last night. Three friends were showing their work—two as curators—so it was a no-brainer. It’s always cool to see projects from people you know.

The screening took place inside a building called the Space Bandee. I have no idea what that means, but the room was very cool. It looked like a mini sound stage, with super high ceilings, a lighting rig, and great acoustics. I’d love to go in there and make something. Looking straight up, it looked like a still image from the ship in Alien.

Afterward, we meandered around Centum City trying to find our way out. What an odd part of Busan. It’s urban, but wide open, and devoid of humanity at night. Here we are wandering down the street looking for signs of life. It’s like an unused set location from Escape From New York.

We eventually found our way to Gwangali, where we met the other festival curators and many of the video artists for eats and drinks. On our way there, I saw an electric fish. This didn’t remind me of any scene from any movie…


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