From Seoul to Busan, the long way

There were three or four major reasons behind my decision to come live in Korea. One of them was the opportunity to travel. So far, in 6+ months of being here, my only trips have been to Fukuoka, Japan and back home to the U.S.

But this winter is shaping up to be one long adventure. It’s looking like I’ll be in motion nonstop from mid-December through the end of February. First up is a trip to Germany to present at an academic conference. That was the spark. The rest was driven by simple inertia. My cousin lives in Brussels, so I can’t pass up a chance to visit him for the Christmas holiday. And I’ve always wanted to visit Prague, so I plan to be there for New Years. From there, I’m not sure, but I bought a ticket flying out of Rome 3 1/2 weeks after arriving in Germany, so I’ll probably make my way to Venice, Florence, and then Rome.

But my flight isn’t coming back to Busan. Instead, I’m heading to Singapore. I want to spend the next 4 or 5 weeks making my way casually overland back home. I’ll cross through Malaysia, relax on a beach in Thailand, spend a few days in Bangkok, go to Ankor Wat, Vietnam, China, and then find a ferry or flight from Shanghai to Busan.

It might all be a bit much, but that’s the plan. If I get tired of moving so much, I’ll get a flight from Bangkok to Korea. But I like the idea of spending 10 weeks or so visiting the world. Who knows when I’ll get another chance for an epic trip like this?

It’s also born somewhat of necessity. I can’t go back to the U.S. until June due to tax reasons, so I have to do something with myself. Rather than twiddle my thumbs in my apartment, I could go see what’s out there.


One Response to “From Seoul to Busan, the long way”

  1. !Wow! What a way to spend idle time. You’re going to rest up after your vacation.

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