Anything but easy

I’m beginning to suspect that my Korean language classes are some sort of cosmic vengeance. When teaching my classes, I stand there and subject them to a wall of American English while half the students look back, dazed and confused. Now I’m the confused one, totally lost in this strange language.

The problem is the class is in Korean. I mean… it’s a Korean language class, but there’s no English spoken at all. Sort of the beat-you-over-the-head form of learning, I suppose, much like what I dish out on a regular basis. Today I was totally lost. Two hours a day, four days a week. I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth my time.

In other news, I’ve joined a cool new band. The talent is very high and it’s a challenge. We’re playing a lot of swing, old shuffle blues, some Meters, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock… a great mix of stuff I wouldn’t normally do. There are a couple of real gems in there too. I’ve forgotten what a kick ass song “Easy” by the Commodores is. So I’ll leave you with that…

Or, if you prefer, the irreverence of Faith No More. The band sounds like utter shit in this, but Mike Patton… damn, if I could sing like that…


2 Responses to “Anything but easy”

  1. My second semester Spanish class in college, the professor walked in on day one speaking Spanish and somehow communicated that there would be no English in her class. And there wasn’t. Of course, we were expected to know something already, but not having the English crutch probably made the learning go faster.

    I never listened to Easy from a drummer’s perspective. Good stuff, indeed.

  2. “Easy” is how our friend, Bryan, describes my husband and me. I like it.

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