Fair ball

Which is the bigger form of cheating? A player using drugs to enhance his natural abilities? Or coaches surreptitiously videotaping the other team’s practice sessions?

To me, the first is a little tough to quantify. But the second one, there’s no question: that’s cheating.

I’m not saying this simply because the Pats beat the Steelers in so many big games. I actually like the Patriots, what I still believe to be a class organization.

But this quote in the above linked article really stood out for me:

“On the other hand … the negative reaction to this is just completely overblown (as King Kaufman pointed out in Salon.com today). The Patriots were breaking rules because they are obsessed with getting every minor strategic advantage, but that doesn’t change the fact the strategic advantage is minor. The idea that suddenly all three Super Bowl championships are tainted is ridiculous.”

Now, I’m not one to make apologies for Barry Bonds, but why doesn’t the same standard apply toward him? Steroids didn’t give him his home runs, they gave him a slight edge. So why, when Bonds’ name is mentioned, is it like he’s the devil incarnate? When they talk about Belichick, people instead call it a dumb mistake. There’s a subtle but distinct difference there.

It makes me wonder if the real reason Bonds is demonized is because he’s an asshole. And the more I think more about it, it may even be because he’s an African American asshole.


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