RIP Lumix

Seems my camera has bit the dust. Not the camera itself, but the battery. It refuses to charge.

I blame this on voltage issues. While transformers should work, I think some products are more susceptible to the transfer than others. My brand spankin’ new 500 GB drive failed on me two weeks after I got it (and cost me a lot of data in the process). The power supply totally died. I think my camera battery failed for the same reason—system overload. I’ve also noticed that my MacBook gets pretty hot here in Korea. It’s also lost a lot of the brightness it once had.

Not much I can do about it. For now I’ll use my cell phone, which has pics and video. But eventually, I’ll need a new camera. I guess I should make it a Korean one.

In other news, I got a full night’s sleep for the first time in about 10 days. A lovely 10 uninterrupted hours. Good thing, cause I’ve got a huge day ahead of me.

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