Northwest airlines is evil… pure, perfect evil

One more bitch session about NWA and then I’m done, promise.  It’s just so absurd, I can’t resist.

Here’s the thing: I’m trying to redeem $1400 in unused flight credit. When I check the price for a flight to Germany, it comes up $1680. But, when I try to redeem my credit, the flight cost jumps to an absurd $4,200. (This is a one-way flight.) Same flight, exact same itinerary. The price only leaps after I try to cash in my credit. Absurd.

After a string of emails got us nowhere on this, I decided to Skype-call them and try to work it out over the phone. I first got an extremely temperamental woman who tried to tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. When I proved to her that yes, in fact, I do, she backtracked, stammered, then shuttled me off to the “international department.”

This woman was much more mild mannered. Her problem was a failure to acknowledge logic. I told her the problem: exact same flight, but a huge leap when I try to cash in my credit. She didn’t seem to see the problem. I said “How can you not see a problem? The flight is $1600 for the average Joe. When I actually redeem my unused ticket value, I wind up paying double. This is after it’s been redeemed! I cash in my credit and the flight is more expensive than when I don’t. What’s the use of having unused credit?”

She was extremely mild-mannered and pleasant, but she wouldn’t budge. Even when faced with simple  common-sense, there was just zero acknowledgment. Finally, I just wanted empathy. “Can you understand how silly this is? I want you to say that you at least empathize with the absurdity at work here.”

No luck there either. This woman was a marvel of programming. She must have been developed in a laboratory somewhere, because she was a perfect machine.  And then, my desperate, final attack. I had to pull out the pin on the hand grenade: “I’m an American citizen living in Korea and I travel all over Europe, Asia, and America. You’ll lose a very valuable customer.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way,” she replied.

And that was it. My association with Northwest ended just like that. Thank goodness for Singapore Airlines.


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