Good times… good times…

Sometimes life is boring only in context. I didn’t realize just how bored I was in August until September came along. Now I’m barely sleeping every night because there’s so much coolness going on. We’ve got some new professors here, and as I’ve said in the past, friends become friends very quickly. And as I’ve discovered, I get tremendous joy showing newbies around this strange world we live in.

Some pictures of one particular night out. First, the Bob Dlylan music bar. That’s Dlylan, with two Ls:

The bottom of a glass of Ayran:

The bottom of a glass of Raki:

Chinese lanterns:


Seat cushion at Moe’s bar:


2 Responses to “Good times… good times…”

  1. How long had you been in the bar when you decided to take the picture of the seat cusion?

  2. Actually, I was wondering the exact same thing!

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