On the way to work…

I had another one of those strange snapshot moments today. I was biking to school and I saw three white men in military uniforms standing at a red light. These were no U.S. uniforms though. They were all-black and had red markings on them, plus what looked like a naval insignia.

There were three levels of strangeness going on here. First, they were way out of place in this neighborhood. It’s a residential area with no military base or hotels or offices or anything.

Second was what happened when I tried to talk to them. I made eye contact with one, he moved toward me, I said “hello,” and he got a shocked look on his face and immediately retreated to the safety of his friends. I did one of those universal gesticular “no, no, it’s fine” and moved toward them. I said “are you German?” and he said something that was clearly not German in response. Buh. Brick wall, we will have no communication today.

The third level of strangeness was that all of this happened while a sexy Korean woman stood in the back of a pickup truck in a cage shouting things with a bullhorn.

Just another day in Busan.


2 Responses to “On the way to work…”

  1. So you have now reached the stage where YOU are staring at white men in the city? You have mentioned thia staring several times. It must be very unsettling.

  2. White people on the street do look very strange to me. Which probably means that I look strange to everyone.

    I thought later about the soldiers. They might be Russian. There are a lot of Russians here.

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