Stupid Northwest Airlines

I’m going to share one of my secret weapons for living in Korea: Singapore Airlines. Cheap flights, a good flight map, flexible schedules, and the most intuitive website of any airline out there. Everything with them just makes sense.

Northwest, by contrast, sucks in all the above categories. But I have to use them for an upcoming trip to Germany because I’ve got credit remaining from a canceled flight that I have to use before the end of the year.

Here’s where things get absurd. If I go though the normal booking process, I see the flight at $1,689. This is what average Joe pays to book this flight. But Northwest doesn’t just let you apply credit for a chosen itinerary, they make you book the flight using another process. When I do that, the cost jumps to $2,854! Exact same flight itinerary, two prices. Huh? Not only does this make no sense, it completely nullifies my exchange credit.

I’ve tried emailing them explaining the problem in very clear language and they write back by cutting and pasting the process of navigating their website.

Grr. Sorry for the bitching. But crap like this kills me.


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