Just keep moving

Ah, it’s Monday. First day of school. Everyone’s back buzzing around every which way, catching up, talking about summer vacations and fall schedules. I had my first class and it went well.

Despite my earlier bitterness toward iTunes, I find that it’s the easiest way to shop for music around here. I felt the need to pad my autumnal collection (being that we are drifting into the cooler, more reflective season). So last night I bought Hammock’s marvelously dark — think Catherine Wheel and Sigur Ros, then stop thinking about them ’cause comparisons are lame — Raising Your Voice… Trying to Stop An Echo. In a similar vein I also got 1 Mile North’s Minor Shadows, this one more like a Labradford kind of feel. Both are awesome. Oh, and I got some Steve Roach ambient stuff, but only certain songs. iTunes tends to make songs over 10 minutes “Album Only,” so I was looking around for Roach pieces that are 9:xx in length. More music for the money that way.

So that’s all great stuff, but it’s pretty moody. Today I’m a little more upbeat, so maybe I’ll round out my Supergrass collection and buy Road to Rouen. Speaking of Supergrass, here they are doing one of my favorite songs of theirs (love them chords!) on Letterman. God bless Letterman.


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