…and the livin’s ee-zee

I’m no longer dripping with sweat. The weather’s cooling down. I’ve gotten my roll sheets. My syllabus is done and ready for printing. People are floating back into their familiar social circles (it seems that every foreigner in Busan spent his or her vacation in Thailand). Last, but certainly not least, I’ve signed up for Korean language classes.

The signs all point in the same direction: Summer’s over. Time to get to work.


6 Responses to “…and the livin’s ee-zee”

  1. Korean language classes! How cool is that! How many Americans know how to speak Korean?

  2. Impossible to say really. It’s kind of all over the map, although I haven’t met anyone yet who could be considered fluent.

  3. I’m curious about the language classs. Are they like ESL classes in which the teacher doesn’t necessarily speak the language of his students? Are there other Americans and do you know them? How many?

  4. Dunno yet. Classes haven’t started. I’m sure I’ll have something to say about it soon.

  5. And do they teach you grammar or practical stuff, like “where is the bathroom” and “when do the elephants arrive?”

  6. Yeah. When do the elephants arrive. If that’s useful, you’re going to have to tell us a lot more about life in Korea!

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