Stop the madness

I don’t really dig into politics much on this blog. It’s probably because I don’t have cable, so I’m not subjected to stupidity on a daily basis. It simply doesn’t filter through my radar that much anymore.

But when I read an article like this, I want to throttle someone. I realize that ‘terrorism’ is huge and complex, and the U.S. government isn’t handling it very well. But I can at least partially understand because it’s all very new and scary and big countries don’t adapt well. What I cannot tolerate is policy that knows precisely how fucked up it is and yet continues with the fucked up policy. Distributing weapons around the world is probably my biggest issue when it comes to global politics because we have a historical record of what the eventual outcome is. It’s the same damned story every time.

Providing weapons and training to other nations does two things: it offers a fragile society a new form of currency and power (as with the Turkey/Iraq thing up there), and it gives people the ability create new conflicts, usually ones that backfire on the nation that provided the weapons and training in the first place. Who’s to say that those you provide are going to be on your side?

Beh… I’ll shut up right there. Jon Stewart can communicate it much better than I can…


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