It took a little time, but I was finally able to cancel my US Verizon Wireless service and break my contract early without having to pay the fee.

Kind of a cool thing really—if you move overseas you can bail on your contract without penalty. Of course you have to prove it. They give you four possible ways:

1. A copy of a current utility bill with my name and new address on it.
– Nope, couldn’t do that. I don’t receive utility bills in my name.

2. A copy of my mortgage agreement.
– Hahaha! heh…. hm, yeah.

3. A state-issued drivers license.
– There is no freaking way I’m driving in Korea.

4. A letter from my employer—on “company” letterhead—stating that I’d been transfered to my new job.

This is the one I could do. Getting permission for the letter was easy. The hard part was letterhead. Apparently Koreans don’t do letterhead. After much head-scratching, they were able to type something up on a piece of paper that had a faded image of the university logo. I guess it was good enough for Verizon, because they confirmed it by email and thanked me for my business.

The downside is I had to give up my number. “The Number” is almost an obsession with American cell phone users. We like to protect it as if it’s a lover, as if we would be incomplete without it. Granted, it’s a bigger deal when you’re a freelancer, which was my former life. But I’m fine without it, and I’m definitely fine being liberated from the $60/month I was paying just to hold onto seven digits and a dash.

I’ll feel even better once I get a contract extension and I have some certainty that I’m actually going to be staying here a while.


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