Southbound suarez

I’ve never been more than a quarter mile south of my apartment. Every time I step out to go somewhere, my destination is north, west, or east of here. This is odd, because there’s a pair of beautiful green hills just south of me that I’ve always admired and wanted to explore. I’d just never gotten around to it before today.

So I hopped on my bike and went exploring. I rode for barely two minutes and I was in a whole other place. Right there, all this time, was a mini tourist attraction. There’s Igidae “Natural Urban” park, restaurants (always food near anything of significance), and quite a gathering of outdoorsy folks and families wandering around the hills. I ripped my thighs to shreds biking up to the saddle between the two hills and looked down at the ocean between the trees. Quite a sight. I would have stayed longer, but I got the waygook fear due to all the staring and commenting on my presence. Got just a taste today; I’ll be back on a weekday when it’s less crowded.

After descending, I decided I would pick a random cyclist and follow him/her for a while. I identified my target and off I went. He eventually led me to this very strange park. It was like a parking lot that had been covered with benches and tables. There were tennis courts, and off to one side, old women were gyrating with impossibly huge hula hoops. I have no idea what that was all about.

I wish I was more brave with my camera. It’s the things I’m too shy to shoot that are the most memorable.


2 Responses to “Southbound suarez”

  1. Glad to see you (finally) made it out there. It’s important for people in highrises to occasionally re-connect with cultivated nature. The walk along the coast, across the hanging bridges and over the ergonomic foot path ain’t too bad either on a nice day :D


  2. Definitely long overdue.

    Now if only I could get my ass out of this city before the semester starts… :)

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