Back into the fire

My vacation in America is over and my week of mellow jetlag readjustment just came to a screeching halt about 20 minutes ago. I met with one of the professors here and suddenly many things have to happen, well, right now. Among them…

I’m to present a workshop/lecture on game sound for an upcoming conference. I wasn’t expecting this. When do they want my topic and abstract? Now. What do I have? Zero. Further troubling matters is that I’m no expert in game audio. I worked on one title a long time ago and I didn’t exactly know what I was doing then. But I know theory. So as long as I stay away from tech I’ll be fine.

I’m to write up a literature review for a paper to be presented in September. Thankfully the research has already been completed and I’m only third author, so this isn’t too overwhelming. I’ve got a couple of days to finish it.

Then there are course design issues for the upcoming semester, mostly regarding equipment and software. And I’ve got to firm up logistics real quick for a conference in Germany coming up.

This is the way it works in Korea. You’re dangling, dangling, still dangling… then all of a sudden you’re off, swinging from tree to tree as if your life were in danger.


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